The Deities, Gods and Goddesses of Witches

Deities, Gods and Goddesses

Abonde (Abundia – Perchta – Satia – Habundie)

Intrinsically linked with the classical goddess Diana, Abonde led nocturnal hordes of witches through homes and cellars, eating and drinking all they could find. If food and drink were left as offerings, Abonde would bestow prosperity upon the occupants of the home. If nothing was left out for her and her followers, she would deny the denizens of her blessings and protection.
According to Roman de la Rose, written at the end of the thirteenth century, thirdborn children were obligated to travel with Abonde three times a week to the homes of neighbours. Nothing could stop these people, as they became incorporeal in the company of Abonde. Only their souls would travel as their bodies remained behind immobile.

Aditi (Limitless)

Hindu Mother Goddess, self-formed, the Cosmic Matrix. Mother of the Sun God Mitra and the Moon God Varuna. Mother of all the Lights of Heaven. She gave birth to the twelve zodiacal spirits.

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