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A growing number of members were and often still are desperately looking for books they hear about, but cannot find. Another factor was to consider the purchasing of so many books for study purposes is their very high cost. I have therefore placed a number of hard to find classic books here for the interested practitioner of the Old Religions and Occult as a one stop, one click library. The content(s) covers Wicca, Stregheria, Tarot, Celtic tales, Occult, Ceremonial Magick, Egyptian Magick and many other subjects found in only very hard to get books. So enjoy and learn.

Aradia – Gospel of the Witches

Gospel of the Witches which is the complete book by Charles Godfrey Leland, who deeply researched and then published a number of other works too on Italian witches and their heritage and current lineage. In Aradia; Gospel of the Witches, (in 1899), Wiccans will recognize from whence came many of their rituals.

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