Insights on Candle Spell Working

I’ve just had a couple of emails from different people asking about candle spells, the last one I thought to be quite interesting and deserved a fuller answer. Of course, the answer I gave is only from my own perspective and other members might have different viewpoints, in which case I will ask the writer of the email to join in the chat group and see what comes of it. In any case, I herein copy theinitial email and my answer to it. If anyone has any comments regarding this matter, they will be most gratefully received.

If a 7-day candle burns out before 7 days, how important to them spell’s success is it to burn another 7-day candle (if say the 1st burned in 5 days instead of 7)?


I have always found and followed the old customs that dictate that it is the actual candle burning that counts, not the time. No one can predict the time of any candles burning with any accuracy, as too many factors are involved, (like drafts fueling faster burning, etc). It is the candle’s colour that counts more and especially the intent of the “working”. The amount of “energy raised” when commencing the spell and the efficiency of the “release” is what is really ‘all- important’ and then that is it! It is forgotten about, and let the candle burn out naturally in its own time and not be blown out. Some spells even require that the candle be placed in water in a cauldron and when the natural order of both water evaporation and candle burning meets in a sudden union, the flame is extinguished and the spell is cast (Ka!). It is done!

So don’t worry about candles going out in this time or that time and to be truthful, I don’t know of many ancient spells that require such a thing, especially a seven day burning, as it really is: “the faith, the belief, the intent, the chant, the focus, the power raising, the release, the letting go and allowing the candle to burn out and make it happen without further worry from you that is really the ‘key’ in all of it”.

The more you fret and worry about time limitations, (which there should be none as we are surpassing time itself in spell work) the more you will wonder and question consciously and subconsciously if it will work or not and the very foundation of the spell work is lost; which again, is “faith” and the “belief” that it is “actually working now”, not about to work in the future or some point outside of “now”. “IT IS DONE!” (KA!).

When you walk away from the candle, you know it is already in action; it is done! The candle will work in its own way to continue the spell without your conscious effort, which is the real secret to its inherent efficacy. You must be able to walk away and forget all about it, knowing deep down inside that it is done. Of course, as I said, you must first be able to raise the necessary power in the first place and “charge” the candle and thus the spell itself. Knowing when to release fully will come from within also and you will inherently know when and how to.

That’s all there is to it. This inherent strong belief and “charging/release” is the key, so keep it simple and know that it has happened and very importantly, make your wording and chanting in the present and that it “has” / “is” already done and working, and NEVER verbalizing in wishes and/or hopes or “please make it happen”, etc!!!

Make your initial spells easy and not so “bottom line”, so you don’t really mind if they work or not and you will be surprised at the following synchronicity that comes about and you will then understand that this very synchronicity is actually spells working. You may then go a little more deeper and to more important spells. You’ll be surprised, I assure you. You don’t need to be any Grand Poobah Wizard or Witch to do this either. We all have the ability deep inside and the Ancient Powers are all around us ready to be tapped into, with the right “keys”.

Good luck and if you have any more questions, drop me another line.

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