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Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui ?

The Feng Shui is very old and comes from the ancient Chinese culture. As we move into the 21st century the use of Feng Shui in the modern world is astounding and widespread. More and more people who would not even consider Feng Shui, because of its mystical or superstitious aspects, are now applying it in their homes or office with outstanding results.

One of the reasons for this modern acceptance is that Feng Shui is not just something for the Asian mind, but its application is fundamental to all peoples well being. In essence you do not have to be Chinese to incorporate Feng Shui into modern life style. Feng Shui allows energy to flow in a productive and harmonious way.

Traditional Feng Shui emphasizes that water brings abundance, moving water indicates moving money. In ancient times you would try to position your location near a body of water. In modern times that may not be available but with modern technology, water can still be used at the site. Placing a water fountain or aquarium will still activate that moving water (moving money) principle. In early Feng Shui it was best if there was a hill positioned behind the home to provide support and security. In the modern world we now can build a fence, plant a hedge or plant trees along the back of the property to provide this support and security.

People today realize that the environment does affect you and that Feng Shui is a key to understanding how our surroundings have an influence on us. As we have more to say over our space, with more of us working from our homes, you will see the use of Feng Shui become more prevalent. Interior designers are liberally using Feng Shui with their clients and the next untapped profession that will start using Feng Shui will be real estate agents. Real estate is ideal for this, especially for hard to sell properties, sometimes just changing one thing can create that sell. On the other end buyers are going to want houses that are Feng Shui correct and look to the future for houses to have a Feng Shui seal of approval.

You will continue to see Feng Shui written about in magazines, newspapers, exposure on TV and radio. As Feng Shui awareness grows people are going to realize they are going to be left out if they donĂ­t start applying Feng Shui in their lives.

Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui Tips For Love

1) This segment of your house is where love reigns and you should pay special attention to it. It governs the luck of love, romance and family happiness.

2) If you wish to improve your existing relationship, place a family photo in your south west corner of your home, make sure it is a happy photo or even a painting of a family. If you wish to enhance your romance luck place a Dragon headed tortoise with a piece of red ribbon in his mouth .

3) Hanging a chandelier or crystal sphere/ball in the Southwest corner of your home is wonderful for activating the chi energy that stimulates romance. This introduces fire into this segment, which has Earth as its presiding element to bring love luck.

4) Soft or pastel colour lampshades with soft lighting in the Southwest creates an atmosphere of romance which in itself is known to “put you in the mood”. Needless to say, harsh lighting and spotlights are definitely to be avoided here.

5) CANDLES – Candles in all shapes, sizes and color are suggestive of love. Apart from giving your area a warm glow, it also enhances the entire look of your home, while enhancing romance. Remember however, to put them out so that they don’t pose a fire hazard in your home.

7) CRYSTALS – Natural crystals are one of the best symbols of mother earth. Rose quartz and yellow citrine are crystals that work well to bring you lots of love luck. Place these crystals in the form of pebbles or larger forms like the raw Amethyst in the Southwest corner of your living room to energize love.

8) PINK BED SHEETS – Pink sheets raise subtle yang energy, which enhances feelings of love and romance in those who seek conjugal bliss in the bedroom.

9) BE HONEST – Talk openly about your relationship and ways that you feel you could improve it.

10) Buy a indoor water fountain and place it in the south-west corner of your home, you will be amazed at the effect this can have on a relationship, or encourage a new one.

11) A wise man puts his foot down, only to shift positions when arguing with his wife.

12) Use Crystals spheres in your home to activate Chi.

Feng Shui Tips For Business

1). Always sit with a solid wall behind your back to ensure that you have support in your life, never sit with a window behind you.

2) In the office always place the fax machine, telephone, and computers in the wealth area and future wealth area for more Businesses.

3) The arrangement of tables and chairs should be in a harmonious position so that chi is able to flow smoothly.

4) If you wish to be the leader in your industry, place a Dragon on the right hand side of your desk facing towards the window or the door. The Dragon can also look into your water fountain. A Dragon always chases after a pearl, thus the window; water fountain can signify the pearl

5) If you own a shop try and place the till in your wealth corner, even your petty cash tin. Order books can also be placed here with Chinese coins held together with red ribbon.

6) You should not have any cactus or sharp looking plants in your office as these plants have small sharp leaves and therefore causes “shar chi” in the office. The chi that rides on the wind will have to pass through them causing chi to be fierce and sharp.

7) If your staff always fall sick in that area, then use a metal wind chime made of 6 or 7 metal rods about 1ft long are the best as the sound of metal is the best Feng Shui cure. Others like a metal sculpture or metal object would not be that effective although they are also metal in nature. Place a hanging crystal sphere to activate ch’i or disperse negative ch’i.

8) In your office, never have the main door opening into your table as the chi coming in will hit at your face causing you not to have good luck but instead more obstacles and problems. reorganize your office.

9) In a managers office you should try not to chose a room with two doors, because the Chi will go into that room and out the other door.

10) The chi from the main entrance of your office should not meet a wall inside the office. This is because the chi once it hits the wall has to turn and therefore causing it to slow down hence your businesses will be slow and not vibrant. Try using a hanging crystal in your office entrance this will enhance Chi.

11) Do not place the photocopy machine near to the main door. Heat near the main door is frequently not preferred and causes the chi to be hot and dispersed easily as more people are likely to walk in and out thus carrying chi in and out too fast because the chi is not allowed to stay for some time.

12) Do not place a paper cutter machine next to the main door. Cutter machine is to cut papers. Therefore if located here will cause staff to back stab each other and fight too if one is not careful.

13) Do not place an empty vase next to the main door, as the new chi once it enters your office will be sucked into the vase causing nothing much left for the environment.

14) For corporate clients a fish tank placed in the wealth area is the best for great results and success. However there are strict criteria’s for the fish tank that one has to follow.

15) The company signboard should be in the wealth area so that no other competitors can be strong enough to beat you at your game.

16) Place an indoor fountain in your wealth corner, to activate Chi. These also have medical benefits.

17) Do not have clutter in your office; desks must be kept tidy and clutter free. This is so important, an office in China would not have these paper trays on desks, and most American companies now employ the same approach.

18) Place a hanging crystal in your window, this will activate Chi, as well as looking fantastic, when the hits them they produce the most amazing rainbows

19) Three legged Toad God.

20) Fu Dogs Male & Female, these protective animals are placed near your doorway of your office to protect from evil influences. They are a symbol of valor and prosperity.

21) Pa Kua Mirrors, If you have any negative energy directed at your front office door, these Pa Kua mirrors will disperse the negative energy.

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