Celtic Wicca

The Celtic tradition is based on the practices of the pre-Christian Celtic world. This includes many parts of West England, Ireland, Isle-of-Man, Wales, Scotland, and Gaul accross the channel.

There is also significant Druid practice used and mixed in with this particualr tradition. It also seems to share a lot with the Teutonic tradition, including the frequent use of runes.

This tradition is extremely earth and nature based and much stronger in various religious aspects of the Craft, similar to Druidry. Many aspects of Christianity were actually drawn from the Celtic pagans, such as Cerridwen’s cauldron translating into the Holy Grail, and the goddess Brigit becoming Saint Bride and of course the Goddess Ostara and Her day of Ostre being taken over by the Chrstians and being called Easter, (complete with eggs and bunnies. Read more

Seax Wicca

Seax-Wica was the inspiration of Raymond Buckland. In 1973 fed-up with the egotism and power trips exhibited by others within the craft, he decided to leave the Gardnerian tradition feeling it no longer met his religious needs. He developed and founded Seax-Wica as a new tradition at Samhain that same year. He felt that the craft needed to develop beyond ego trips and self-gratification into a bone-fide religion, which did away with an oath of secrecy and became more democratic and enjoyable. Seax Wica is just that, allowing all to have a relationship with the God and Goddess. With access to the mysteries and kinship with all, “Love is the law, Love is the bond”. While Buckland claimed no direct descent from Saxon times, he chose a Saxon background as a foundation for the new tradition with “Woden and Freya” as its main deities. Read more

The Meaning of Ritual in Working Magick

Wiccan rituals are ceremonies that honor the God, Goddess, and the Earth, and strengthen our bond with them. They are usually performed to attune us with the lunar and solar cycles of the Earth and for working magick. Magick is worked during ritual to improve the life of the Witch on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, depending upon the needs of the Witch. Wiccan rituals are also held to celebrate rites of passage, such as birth, coming of age, marriage, becoming an elder, and death.

I have added this posting for the many people that are stuggling beginners we have in our group and for those solitaires who have all written in to me trying to fathom just what “ritual” is all about and are finding the whole thing confusing. How, what, when and why and is it ok if…. are among the many questions, so I hope that I can help those people in this rather long posting. Read more

Gardnerian Wicca

After the repeal of England’s last antiquated witchcraft laws in 1951, there began a resurgence of interest in the Old Religion, and witchcraft in particular. Gerald Brosseau Gardner, who later that year became director of the newly opened “Museum of Magic and Witchcraft” in Castletown, Isle of Man, spearheaded this resurgence. From there Gardner started to establish covens, using the basic ideas and rituals he had written about in his fictional book “High Magic’s Aid”, published in 1949.

In 1953 Gardner initiated into his coven Doreen Valiente. It was Doreen who helped Gardner reshape the structure of his covens, by re-writing and embellishing his “Book of Shadows”, thus establishing a new tradition and calling it Gardnerian Wicca. Both Gardner and Doreen were greatly influenced by the teachings of Charles Godfrey Leland, and in time the tradition took on elements of Italian Witchcraft. The famous “Charge of the Goddess” adapted from Stregheria Witchcraft by Doreen, was clearly inspired by his work. Read more

Insights on Candle Spell Working

I’ve just had a couple of emails from different people asking about candle spells, the last one I thought to be quite interesting and deserved a fuller answer. Of course, the answer I gave is only from my own perspective and other members might have different viewpoints, in which case I will ask the writer of the email to join in the chat group and see what comes of it. In any case, I herein copy theinitial email and my answer to it. If anyone has any comments regarding this matter, they will be most gratefully received.

If a 7-day candle burns out before 7 days, how important to them spell’s success is it to burn another 7-day candle (if say the 1st burned in 5 days instead of 7)?

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Degree System within Wicca Witchcraft

One cannot simply explain the deep mysteries that you would experience within Wicca; therefore, our rituals have always been enacted in full, as handed down through our traditional heritage, so that you would actually live the experience in your own way, which is invoked and activated by effective ritual.

As in anything deeply mystical or magickal, the meaning cannot be simply communicated intellectually; it has to work through an analogous process within the individual; a stream of symbols, images and experiences, rather than a mere explanation. Read more

Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation


You must consider this dream’s varying aspects in order to interpret this dream. Your subconscious may be giving you some messages in regards to what needs to be kept and what needs to be let go. Traditional dream interpretations say that if you are the one being abandoned in your dream, it is a dream of the contrary and you may experience reconciliation or recovery from trouble or illness.

When, in your dream, you are feeling pain or discomfort in this area or any other area of the body, make sure that you are in good health. At times our subconscious knows that something is wrong, even before we have any symptoms. Old wives’ tales tell us that this is a dream of the contrary and that you will have lots of vigor and good health. However, they say that if you dreamed that your abdomen is exposed, it may be a warning that someone that you trust is not loyal or is working against you.

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The Deities, Gods and Goddesses of Witches

Deities, Gods and Goddesses

Abonde (Abundia – Perchta – Satia – Habundie)

Intrinsically linked with the classical goddess Diana, Abonde led nocturnal hordes of witches through homes and cellars, eating and drinking all they could find. If food and drink were left as offerings, Abonde would bestow prosperity upon the occupants of the home. If nothing was left out for her and her followers, she would deny the denizens of her blessings and protection.
According to Roman de la Rose, written at the end of the thirteenth century, thirdborn children were obligated to travel with Abonde three times a week to the homes of neighbours. Nothing could stop these people, as they became incorporeal in the company of Abonde. Only their souls would travel as their bodies remained behind immobile.

Aditi (Limitless)

Hindu Mother Goddess, self-formed, the Cosmic Matrix. Mother of the Sun God Mitra and the Moon God Varuna. Mother of all the Lights of Heaven. She gave birth to the twelve zodiacal spirits.

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The Cone of Power

The Cone of Power is one of the methods of working magic, and refers to a technique for focusing energy within a magickal circle. The circle acts as both lens and container for the energy of an individual or group, creating a “cone” shape before being released for particular purpose. It doesn’t matter how this power is achieved, using bodily movement, breathing, yoga, chanting, the scourge, sex, or a mixture of them all, along with sigils as well, just as long as the Cone of Power is achieved and powerfully so!

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