Algard Wicca

Mary Nesnick (Dionysia), an American initiate in Gardnerian and Alexandrian traditions founded a so-called ‘new’ tradition called Algard. This tradition brings together both Gardnerian and Alexandrian teachings under a single banner. This was possible due to the great similarities between the two traditions.

She stated that she bought fifty percent of it from Aleister Crowley, borrowed ten percent from books and manuscripts like Leland’s Aradia and filled in the remainder by borrowing from Far Eastern religions and philosophies. Some texts even say she was a renegade who had been expelled from the Gardnerian tradition as a First Degree for stealing their Book of Shadows.
Since Alexandrian is already mostly Gardnerian, it actually seems a little redundant. There are very few Algard covens in either the US or Britain as the tradition never really caught on.

Janet and Stewart FArrer actually operate their Covens on a healthy mix of Gardnerian and Alexandrian traditions, as they are so very similar as to be hardly noticeable and their books highlight any and all differences however small, so one can read for oneself and see that Algard in and of itself is actually quite redundant as said earlier. Sort of re-inventing the wheel and calling it fire.

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