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Welcome One and All




The site's Home Page - Introduces who we are and what we do...


Offers a welcome and basic introduction to what we are

A Personal Welcome Letter

Just a few personal words to welcome one and all

Q & A + Forums 

Here is where some of the Questions and Answers which I have received at varying times and some are posted for other readers to gain insight and more information.  I've tried to place most of the differing questions that people usually ask and  give you all an idea of my answers to them all.

Training / Joining

This page outlines the structure of the Research Coven and its offshoots and how one may go about joining


 This page is for members only and is encrypted.


A collection of interesting articles and snippets of information are posted here for the readers interest and further education into the strange world of the occult.  I have also included a little section from the Research Group's postings that people might find interesting to delve into and check out.

 On-Line Books (I'm sorry if this page loads slowly, but is well worth the wait)

FREE On-Line books complete and authentic, reproduced here.   Such as the latest book we have just added, "Aradia; Gospel of the Witches" which is the complete book by Charles Godfrey Leland, (in 1899), who deeply researched and then published a number of  other works too on Italian witches and their heritage and current lineage.   In Aradia; Gospel of the Witches, Wiccan might recognize from whence came some of their foundations.  There are MANY, MANY out of print and/or hard to find, or expensive books listed here for all kinds of tastes and varying occult practices.  Check 'em all out.  It'll save you many hundreds of dollars if you read them here - I guarantee..

Basic Info (information)

Read about the basic information of Wiccan and other Occult practices.


Basically, this page will introduce the oldest Druid Orders in existence today and how one may go about joining.  There are direct links to the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, where anyone interested can go directly to their wonderful site for a complete understanding of the joining procedures, training and involvement of the Order. OBOD have a wonderful correspondence course that will take any initiate from any part of the world through the various degrees to that of Druid.

I have also selected to give a alternate view in introducing The New Forest Centre, founded by Douglas Monroe, (author of "The 21 Lessons of Merlyn" and "Lost Books of Merlyn").  Sometimes considered highly controversial within the new-age network and perhaps within the Druidic Revivalists, we are open minded enough to support freedom of religion and indeed freedom of interpretation in such an ancient belief system as Druids with no real written history to speak of.

The Veil of Isis or Mysteries of the Druids By W. Winwood Reade [1861].
This is an on-line book about the Druids, the ancient Celtic Pagan religion, which influenced the modern Druid movement. This book is fairly typical of the 19th Century literature about Druidry. This added for information purposes and does not represent our own personal views.

Old Religion

This section explains a little about Traditional Family Witchcraft and the Old Religions and beliefs that have been handed down in one way or another from generation to generation.  This is usually the Shamanistic and naturistic type beliefs of the Wise Ones and how a Solo Witch (or Solitaire) can carry on the practice today.

Traditional Witchcraft

This page introduces one form of Traditional Witchcraft, that traces a long connection to ancient practices and includes a link to its comprehensive pages directly.  How to join and what will be expected is briefly touched on at this page and explains that the Temple of Cythrawl is a bonefide working Coven of the Ordo Anno Mundi, (OAM), a magical society from Britain offering full training in the Ophidian (Serpent-venerating) Traditional Craft, and has an official ancient linage and initiation structure. 


Explains a little about one of the fastest growing religions in the world.  The page goes into what Wicca is and where it is believed to have traced its roots to.  An account of the Covens that are set up locally, explains a little about Wicca in Asia today.

Janet and Stewart interview on Wicca

Stewart and Janet Farrar are perhaps two of the best known authors in the Craft/Occult world.  This article was originally published in SHADOWPLAY #24, which came out in 1994.  This interview discusses Wicca and how it is progressing into the modern age.   Along with the majority of the Wiccan and Pagan community, we are all saddened by Stewart's passing in early 2000 but continue enthusiastically to celebrate his life and contributions to the Craft.

Stewart Farrar (1916-2000) - An Obituary  

I think it is fair to say that Stewart Farrar did more than any Craft writer on this side of the Atlantic to expound the spirit of Wicca in its 'purest' form since Gerald Gardner.  Stewart  beloved husband of Janet, passed into the Summerlands in 2000.  A beautiful obituary written by Peter J. Doyle.

Degree System within Wicca.   This section gives a brief outline

Working Tools of Wicca.  An outline and description of the working tools of Wicca.


The Different Types of Wiccan Witchcraft today around the world.  Over time, the result of the great popularity in the fastest growing religion in the world is for more and more offshoots being born and the Traditional Witches became more and more recluse and secretative.  Some of the other Wiccan paths, besides the original Stregheria Witchcraft, and of course Gardnerian and Alexandrian, include Algard, Celtic, Dianic, Faery, Pow-Wow, Feminist, Eclectic, Frost Wicca, Hasidic, and Seax, besides many Other Wicca paths or even as a Solitary Witch.


The Elements of Witchcraft and the Occult.

The 4/5 Elements play an enormous role in the natural magick that most Wiccans use.  Earth, Air, Fire, Water.  The fifth and final element is SPIRIT.

Ten Facts about being Wiccan

A simple but never-the-less thought provoking outline of what being Wicca is all about

Chaos Magic

Chaos is the creative principle behind all magick.  When a magickal ritual is performed, regardless of `tradition' or other variables in the elements of performance, a powerful magical energy is created and put into motion to cause something to happen. Chaos Magick is one of the most radical and controversial, but never-the-less successful forms of magick to enter the occult scene. This is for added for the sake of interest.

Cythrawl's Pentacle

Throughout time, an awful lot of symbolism and meaning have been ascribed to geometric forms, numbers, and other expressions of the dynamic aspect of our spiritual energies.  The forms which reflect such a grand notion as "divine nature" have been used throughout the millennia right up  until the present day, as we ourselves start to rediscover their ancient meanings and uses, and thus continue their primeval expression anew.  This section explains about all kinds of geometric shapes, especially the Pentacle and Pentragram and then explains why Cythrawl's Pentacle is orientated the way it is.

The Star of Life

To lean a little more about the Pentacle that is not described above in Cythrawl's Pentacle, (which actually covers a lot in all kinds of geometric shapes, including the regular Pentacle).  This special page covers just a little more, that we couldn't fit in on other pages due to retraction of overall understanding on those pages.


We are including links to what we think are the best links on the web to further introduce, or take the reader deeper into original accounts of what we attempt to introduce here on our pages.  We have tried to be extremely selective in putting up what we feel is the best of the best in all relevant Nature Based beliefs and occult matters.


Sweet words to wish you farewell.


The contact information of the Order of the Coven of Cythrawl.

Time and Date

A unique and novel clock and calendar all rolled into one, plus a unique Irish clock/calendar.


A new section called - "More Witch Stuff"  with all kinds of interesting witch stuff on (and linked) to this page.  You'll be delighted to hear the pages are all light as well, for those of you who are still getting headaches from the black main pages.  I'll get around to correcting that at a later date.  There is no special system of filing them or any particular order, but come just as I placed them in the site in any old order.  

Some of the articles and information listed on and from this page, are the following:     Enjoy!


Colours of the Aura.  For all those interested in aura reading and healing.

Basic Spell Construction.  The power of real magick cannot be found in a recipe book.  The ability to perform real magic is attained only through diligent practice, hard work and inner inspiration”. Magic can only be "learned" by experiencing it by whatever means available. 

The Cone of Power is one of the methods of working magic, and refers to a technique for focusing energy within a magickal circle. The circle acts as both lens and container for the energy of an individual or group, creating a "cone" shape before being released for particular purpose.  The basic energy is that of the human body and mind, increased tremendously and extremely powerfully and then suddenly released and channeled in accordance with Will.

Days of the Week.  Each day has its correspondences on gender, planets, trees and colours.  The most powerful times of the day are definitely first at Sunrise and secondly at Sunset.  When the God awakes at Sunrise enhances and empowers work of all new beginnings, new job, new love, new path in your life.  Sunset has a magickal effect because of all its beautiful colours, and works for any kind of spell, where the Goddess meets with God albeit fleetingly and peace and harmony are deeply felt.  

Some Deities of Witches from around the world.

Charges of the Gods.  This section gives a lovely selection of the various Wiccan Charges of the Gods and Goddesses.

Some Devas, Elementals and Nature Spirits.  An explanation and information on these fascinating entities and when and how to communicate with them, or not.  If you are interested in Faery Folk, you will like this section.

Dream Interpretation.  Letters from A - L.  A dictionary of dream interpretations.

Dream Interpretation.  Letters from M - Z.  A dictionary of dream interpretations.

Feng Shui Basics.  More and more people who would not previously consider Feng Shui, because of its mystical or superstitious aspects, are now freely applying it in their homes and offices' with outstanding results.

The Herb Cabinate.  Herbs are found and used around the world.  Every culture from time immemorial has used herbs from their regions not only for cooking, but for for healing and for magick.  This section gives a complete listing of Herbs, Plants and Oils and their attributes and powers. 

There are also links to : Herb Gender, Planetary Rulers, Elemental Rulers, Herb Magickal Intention

Candle Magick. One of the simplest, but nevertheless, effective of magical arts, coming under the heading of natural magick is candle burning.  The following outline is what can be classified as easy magick.  Don't mistake that for weak magick though!!  This simple method is very effective and extremely powerful, if you follow the guidelines fully.

Basic Incense Recipes.  A basic list of easy recipes using incense for various workings.


Updated 25th January 2004

You may also find lot's of interesting articles here at More Witch Stuff

I have also recently added some postings.  These postings are derived from the Research Group's chat pages besides offering many various lessons and insights for newcomers to the Old Ways, besides deep enough to be thought provoking for experienced members. 



Who we are?  What we do?  Why we do it? 

Stewart Farrar (1916-2000) - An Obituary  





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PLEASE NOTE: This membership application is for the Research Group and other non Wiccan Groups and is NOT a petition to any Wiccan Covens that are running here.  This link explains the basic information that you should understand and where to start on your spiritual journey.


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